How Long Will My Implant Last?

A properly installed dental implant can last 25-30 years, or possibly longer. Its lifespan is determined by the skill of your Periodontist and also by your oral hygiend - take care of your mouth (including your implant!), and it will last a very long time.


What Color Will My Implan Be?

You'll have a variety of choices when it comes to the look of your implant. There are solid gold implants, metal implants, and resin implants.


The gold and metal implants last the longest, while the tooth-colored resin implants have the shortest lifespan.


Can I Still Get An Implant If I'm A Heavy Smoker?

In case you didn't know, smoking is bad for your health. It strangles your body's ciruclation and impedes your body's natural healing process.


While you might not get rejected for dental implant surgery because you're a lifetime smoker, the chances are much higher that you implant surgery will fail if you are a smoker. That's reality.


There is a chance that you may be rejected altogether for implant surgery if you've been a heavy smoker all your life. And it's not just your Peridontist that may reject you for surgery - any surgeon attempting to perform any type of invasive surgery on your body may reject you for the procedure because you're body may not be able to recover properly from the surgery due to your smoking habit. Smoking is bad news - if you haven't quit yet, you should probably consider it!