How To Find An Implant Surgeon


If you're looking for a qualified dental implant surgeon in your area, there are a few ways you can start your search. First and foremost, have you asked your family dentist for his or her opinion? Doctors run in tight circles - they know who is the best among them, and who's skills are subject to scrutiny. Your quickest and easiest recommendation is to simply contact your family dentist and ask if he or she knows a qualified implant surgeon that you can go to.


Referrals are the ultimately the best way to find a qualified professional in any field. That applies to dental implant surgeons as well. Do you know someone who's had an implant? If so, ask that person which doctor performed their surgery! While you might not think you know someone who's had a dental implant installed, you might be surprised if you ask around. Ask your friends, your family, and your neighbors. It won't take long for someone to contact you with a solid recommendation for a surgeon.


Of course, you can always look at your local phonebook! However, the dentist with the biggest advertisement doesn't necessarily mean he or she is the best dentist for your needs. If you do resort to your local phonebook, make sure you invest a little time into researching the dentist's website. Look for patient testimonials. You should also contact your local Better Business Bureau office and find out if there have been any negative reports placed against the particular dental surgeon your considering.


The above mentioned methods are great for finding a dental implant surgeon. It's recommended that you call around and find out what the total charges are going to be before starting down the path of getting an implant. Most surgeons will offer free initial consultations for new clients. Make sure you ask if there will be a fee for your initial visit with the surgeon. Good luck!